Flows of application

STEP 1 Consultation of enrollment

Please inquire for further detail directly with us or through an educational agency in your home country.
Your qualification for applying will be taken into consideration.


STEP 2 Submit your documents

Please submit all required documents in time.
(Deadline for all doument submission is normally a month before the application submission date given by the Immigration Bureau. For any specific submission dates or deadline, please contact us.)


STEP 3 Document screening at TIEC Ikebukuro

Your documents will be screened at school, or we will conduct the interview in your office or via SKYPE. This is because we have an official due date from immigration office, so we would request the additional or revised version of your document if necessary. In such a case, we will request you for immediate response.


STEP 4 Submitting the documents to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

Please note that The immigration office would request additional documents a fact checking after submitting.


STEP 5 Announcement of Eligibility (2-3 months after submitting)

We will inform you immediately as soon as Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau announces the result of “CoE (Certificate of Eligibility)”


STEP 6 Tuition Payment

Please pay the amount of tuition from the invoice.


STEP 7 Sending the necessary documents

(CoE, letter of acceptance, original documents)
After checking your payment, we will send all of original documents back to you by EMS from us.


STEP 8 Applying a student visa in your country

Please apply for a student visa at Embassy of Japan in your home countryafter receiving your documents from us.
※ Please check how long the application process takes.


STEP 9 Obtaining a student visa

Please inform us your profile and flight information after obtaining a student visa.
※Free pick-up is available on the designated day. (2 times annually)


STEP 10 Arrival

Enjoy your new life here in Tokyo !