About Tuition

1. Audit Student Course (for those who are staying in Japan and wishing to further education)

a. Application fee:  30,000 JPY → Free of charge

b. Expenses

Enrollment fee Tuition (1 year)  Material fee (1 year) Facility fee (1 year) Total
54,000 JPY  660,000 JPY   22,000 JPY  33,000 JPY  660,000 JPY

Total:  660,000 JPY (can be divided into 2 payments)

If you have a valid visa, you will be exempt from enrollment fee, material fee and facility fee.

2. Audit Student Course (for those who are staying in Japan and want to learn Japanese) (Non-Degree Course)

<Class lesson>

Application fee: 10,000 JPY

b. Tuition

6 months 260,000 JPY(materials are free of charge)
3 months 130,000 JPY (+  materials fee)
1 month 45,000 JPY + materials fee

Those who pay monthly or every 3 months will be charged the actual cost of teaching materials.
Application for admission or class visit is available at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

<Private Lesson>

50 minutes: ¥3,500 +  materials fee

※The private class is available depending on your schedule, but we DON’T offer this class during evening or night time.
※This is an individual class between one teacher and one student. It is perfect for those who have specific purposes from class lessons, such as wanting to concentrate on practicing kanji and thoroughly training pronunciation.
Please contact us at any time for details such as time request.

3. Pre-College Student Japanese Course (student visa )

a. Selection Fee: 30,000 JPY

b. Expenses

(*The following fees must be paid after obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility)

Enrollment fee Tuition

(One year)

Textbook fee

(One year)

Facility fee

(One year)

54,000 JPY 691,000 JPY 22,000 JPY 33,000 JPY 800,000 JPY


Tuition 691,000 JPY 345,500JPY
Textbook fee 22,000 JPY 11,000 JPY
Facility fee 33,000 JPY 16,500 JPY
Total(JPY) 746,000 JPY 373,000 JPY


Other expenses:

1. JLPT examination fee (1 time): 7,500 JPY(※)

During the course, students are required to take the JLPT (Japanese Langue Proficiency Test) exams in 1 time. Please complete the payment before entry into Japan.

(※) If you already have a certificate of N2 level or higher before enrollment, you are not required to pay this fee.

2. Insurance fee:

From April 2022, international students are required to participate in the insurance of JLIC (Japanese Language Institute Co-operation).  If you get ill or are involved in a sudden accident, you will be paid for the remaining 30% fee which is not covered by the National Insurance.



(before entry)

April intake October intake
Insurance fee 10,000 JPY 10,000 JPY 5,800 JPY


Refunds due to cancellation after paying tuition fee for the first year will be made after deducting the following fees

Enrollment fee Selection fee Refund charge Bank transfer fee Total
54,000 JPY  30,000 JPY 3,000 JPY  7,500 JPY  94,500 JPY