About Application Requirements for Student Visa applicants

In order to enroll in Tokyo International Exchange College Ikebukuro as an international student, please give us a contact directly or through the educational consultancies in your area.

Regarding the inquiry for our school or required documents, you are also able to get the information via local educational consultancies, or even we welcome your direct contact from SKYPE or E-mail.

Student VISA takes several months to get from applying to obtaining. In other words, we close the list after the certain amount of capacity. Also, please note that we would give you a contact for additional documents or revising. Therefore, it is always important to recognize the schedule in your preferable intake.

For the flow, please refer to
this page.


Admissions: Full-Time Students (Pre-College Students)

  1. Enrollment: April, Study Duration: 2 Years, Application Deadline: Oct. 15
  2. Enrollment: October, Study Duration: 1.5 Years, Application Deadline: Apr. 15

General Requirements

High School Diploma or above.
Physical health, mental aptitude, and emotional stabilities.
Willingness to proceed onto higher education in Japan; such as, universities and vocational schools.

Admission Requirements

Paper documents reflecting educational backgrounds and financial stability, an aptitude for clear self expression, both written and oral in English and Japanese

Campus Location

3-19-7 Minamiotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005 Japan

Admission Fee

30,000 JPY

Japanese proficiency test (JLPT) Fee (for 2 times)

11,000 JPY

Tuition and Fees

*Tokyo International Exchange College Ikebukuro bills students tuition and other charges after hearing visa results from the Immigration Bureau of Japan.


Registration Tuition (1 year) Studying Materials (1 year) Facility (1 year) Total (JPY)
¥54,000 ¥641,000 ¥22,000 ¥33,000 ¥750,000

Applicant’s Documents and Forms

  • Registration Form (forms are available on our campus)
  • Resume / personal history (forms are available on our campus)
  • Official photographs
    *Must be 4cm×3cm and taken within the last three months
  • Original diploma from the most recent school attended (no copies permitted)
  • Official Test Score Report from the most recent school attended, including transcripts.
  • Japanese learning certificate (Japanese language proficiency test N5level or the certificate of studying Japanese for more than 150 hours at Japanese language school. These will be no need if student take the graduation certificate of University or College)
  • A copy of your passport (if you have previously been in Japan.)
  • A copy of student’s family registery


Application Forms
<Documents for Financial Sponsor>

A: The applicant’s parents or relatives in their home country pay educational expenses.

  • Evidence of Financial Support (forms are available on our school)
  • Proof of Sponsorship (forms are available on our school)
  • Relationship certification
  • Bank balance certificate (the equivalent of ¥3000,000(yen) or more、it would be better in local currency)
  • Tenure-of-office certificate and an income certificate for 3 years.
  • Certificate of tax payments for 3 years.
  • Certificate of identify card
  • Copies of bank-notes for 3 years. Including the sponsor’s official account name on the bankbook (not the front cover)
  • Copies of a sponsor’s family register (the family register is only used in some countries)


B: The applicant’s parents or relatives is in Japan, pays educationalexpenses

  • Evidence of Financial Support (forms are available on our school)
  • Proof of Sponsorship (forms are available on our school)
  • Certificate of Residence which states the names of all family members or Resident card (if they arenon-citizens of Japanese, copies of Certificates of Alien Registration will be required.)
  • Tenure-of-office certificate (if the applicant’s relative owns a company, the original corporation registerneeds to be submitted. If the applicant’s relative is an individual proprietor, a copy of the final declarationdocuments needs to be submitted.)
  • Certificate of residence tax which states the annual income for 3 years OR income tax return for 3 years
  • Bank balance certificate
  • Certificate which proves the relationship with the applicant
  • Copies of bank-notes for 3 years including the sponsor’s official account name on the bankbook (not the front cover)

C: The applicant’s parents or relatives is lives outside of Japan pays educational expenses

  • Evidence of Financial Support (forms are available on our school)
  • Proof of Sponsorship forms (forms are available on our school)
  • Bank balance certificate (the equivalent of 3,000,000Japanese yen or more)
  • Identification card
  • The tenure-of-office certificate which states incomes for 3 years
  • Certificate of tax payments for 3 years
  • Kinship certificate
  • Copies of bank-notes for 3 years including the sponsor’s official account name on the bankbook (not the front cover)

D: When a company dispatches the applicant:

  • Evidence of Financial Support (forms are available on the main campus)
  • Proof of Sponsorship (forms are available on the main campus)
  • Bank balance certificate (the equivalent of ¥3,000,000 (yen)or more)
  • Statements of purpose for the applicant’s dispatch, duration of stay, certificate
  • A business license certificate and a certificate of tax payments for 3 years

-Special Notes-

  • All paperwork must be dated within the last 3 months.
  • All paperwork must be officially translated into Japanese by word processor (handwritten translations are not accepted).
  • Tokyo International Exchange College will translate your documents and forms based upon your request.
  • In the case of lacking translated documents, students will be charged 15,000JPY as fee. (Only from English and Chinese to Japanese)
  • Except for the original diploma, no paperwork will be returned to the applicant.
  • When all paperwork is completed, we will notify you of the payment procedures for the school tuition. No refunds can be made for cancellations.
    *In case of visa denial by the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Tokyo International Exchange College will refund you the tuition paid, except application fee, registration fee, and translation fees.
  • Important documents such as Certificate of Family Register, Bank Notes, Professional License, etc., which are difficult to produce official copies, must be submitted in clear copies; the original is not necessary. Make sure to have the date of the copy, the name of the person who made the copy, and the relationship between the applicant and that person.
  • All documents must be related logically. If there is a document that needs an explanation, use a separate sheet of paper to give a full explanation
  • An official certificate must include the date of issue, the publisher’s name, position, signature, the address of publishing company, phone number and fax number (if the information above is missing, use a separate sheet of paper to give a full explanation).

Notice of Filling the Applications

1.Personal History

  • When you fill out the ‘place of birth, ’ please write the name of your country and the city you were born
  • When you indicate any address, please write the address in DETAIL including the street name and numbers, as well as a house number. Those addresses MUST match with other documents.
  • Educational History: Official school name is a must Abbreviation of school name is NOT acceptable. Detailed school information is required.
  • Academic Records of Japanese Language: Detailed information of the school’s name, address, and the date when you entered and completed the course.
  • All information must be identical to what is stated on the Japanese Language Certificate (i.e. study duration).
  • Indicate all Japanese study records. All must be identical to what is stated in the Japanese Language Certificate.
  • If there is not enough space in the‘ Occupation Career and Previous Stay in Japan’ section, use a separate sheet of paper to fully explain.
    ‘Purpose of Study in Japan ‘suggestions are provided below:

    1. The purpose of studying abroad: How does it relate with your educational background ? Why is it important for you to study abroad? What are the connections between your career goals and coming to Japan?
    2. The necessity of studying Japan: What field of study do you want to pursue in Japan? What are the benefits of studying in Japan?
    3. State your financial guarantee’s financial stability.
    4. Indicate what your future plans are after graduating from a Japanese language school, in Japan. Are you planning to go to a vocational school or a university in Japan? What is your future career objective?
    5. State that your family agrees with your decision to study abroad.
    6. State that you will NOT break Japanese laws and school regulations Intended Length of Study
  • ‘Application for admission’ and “Personal History” must be filled out by the applicant.
    Plan after Graduation: List the name of intended university or vocational school and a major of study.

2.Letter of Payment

(This form must be written by the financial sponsor.)

  • The Explanation of Sponsorship
    Explain the reasons of your sponsorship. Indicate the relationship between you and the applicant. Describe your ability to pay the educational and living expenses in detail. Special explanation is needed if you are not his/her parent. Explain why the parents are not the sponsor and why you decided to become the sponsor. Submitting photos taken with the applicant and the sponsor together may help as supporting documents.
  • Living Expenses: Approximately 80,000 – 100,000 yen per month (the cost may change if you share a room with someone). Method of Payment: State that, after receiving the Certificate of Eligibility, you, as a financial sponsor of the applicant, will pay tuition to Tokyo International Exchange School through a wire transfer. Also, indicate you are going to remit living expenses to the student’s bank account (mention the explanation of cost).

3.Other Information

  • When the applicant copies bank notes, passport, receipts, or other documents, make sure to copy those from the original documents. Copies from copied documents (double copies) are not acceptable. Also, write the copy date, the name of the person who copied, and the relationship with the applicant.
  • The sponsor has to submit the bank account records for 3 years to show the process of saving money and to show financial stability. Therefore, before the applicant submits those records, make sure that the amount on the records match on exactly with the income certificates. When there is a large amount of deposit more than the sponsor’s monthly income, additional explanation in detail, such as documents, will be required.
  • If the company where the sponsor works has company pamphlets, an internet site or the telephone number in the phone books, please submit those copies.
  • As for all documents, white-out cannot be used. Please rewrite everything again with new application forms.