About application requirements for applicants wishing student visa

In order to enroll in Tokyo International Exchange College Ikebukuro as an international student, please contact us directly or through study abroad consultants in your area.

If you have any question about our school or application documents, you can contact us directly by email or Skype. You can also ask questions through a local intermediary.

Study abroad visas may take several months from application to acquisitionIn addition, even after you send us the necessary documents, we will still have some documents to be corrected or added, so please prepare early enough before the deadline. (Application will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached).

Please see here for the flow of application process 
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Admissions: Full-Time Students (Pre-College Students)

  • April Enrollment: study duration: 2 years
  • October Enrollment: study duration: 1.5 years

General Requirements

  • Individuals who have graduated (or expecting to graduate) from a high school or higher education
  • Applicants are required to be physically and mentally healthy
  • Applicants who are willing to proceed to higher education in Japan, such as universities or vocational schools or graduate schools

Campus Location

3-19-7 Minamiotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005 Japan

Selection Process

Document screening and interview

Admission Fee

30,000 JPY  (※Japanese translation for documents: extra 15,000 JPY, if required)

Tuition and other payments

(The following fees should be paid after obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility)

Enrollment fee Tuition

(One year)

Textbook fee

(One year)

Facility fee

(One year)

54,000 691,000 22,000 33,000 800,000


Tuition 691,000 345,500
Textbook fee 22,000 11,000
Facility fee 33,000 16,500
Total(JPY) 746,000 373,000


Other payments:

    1. JLPT Examination fee (for 1 time): ¥7,500

All students are required to take JLPT exam (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) in 1 time during your study period at our school. Please pay this fee before coming to Japan.

*If you already passed the JLPT at level N2 (or higher) before coming to Japan, you don’t have to make this payment.

2. Insurance fee

To make sure all of our students have a more safety life in Japan, we have been introducing the “Japanese Language School Co-op” insurance policy for students since April 2022. If there is an unexpected illness or accident, this insurance will pay for the 30% self-fee which is not covered by the National Insurance.


(Pay before coming to Japan)

Insurance fee


10,000 10,000 5,800


Required documents for the applicant

    • Admission application (specified format)
    • Resume (specified format)
    • 8 ID photos (4cm length×3cm width, taken within 3 months, front view, uncapped, plain background, selfie photos are not acceptable)
    • The latest official degree certificate (or diploma) (Copies are unacceptable. Regarding applicants who are expecting graduate from high school, Certificate of expected graduation is required)
    • Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate (N5 or higher level or 150+ hours of studying Japanese. Not necessary for applicants who graduated from universities or junior colleges)
    • A copy of passport with all pages



Required documents for the financial sponsor

A: When the sponsors are the applicant’s parents and/or relatives who are living in the home country or overseas except Japan

    • Identity Guarantee (specified format)
    • Sponsorship Letter (specified format)
    • Kinship Certificate
    • Bank balance Certificate (equivalent to 3,000,000 yen or more. Local currency is fine)
    • Employment Certificate (which shows the start date of current job)
    • Income Certificate (for the past year, listed in detail)
    • Business permission Letter (in case of private business)
    • Certificate of tax payment for the past year
    • Explanation of Asset formation process (copies of bank passbook for the past year or certificates of real-estate sales, etc.)   ※Refer to Note 5


B: When the financial sponsors are applicant’s relatives who are living in Japan

  • Identity Guarantee (specified format)
  • Sponsorship Letter (specified format)
  • Residence Certificate (must list all family members) (please provide Alien certificate of registration in the case of non-Japanese)
  • Employment Certificate (which shows the start date of current job)
    If the sponsor is running a company, please provide the original of corporate registration – hojin tokibo)
    If the sponsor is a business owner, please provide a copy of tax return (kakutei shinkoku sho)
  • Certificate of Residence tax (which shows the income for the past year OR tax-income certificate for the past year)
  • Bank balance certificate
  • Kinship Certificate
  • Explanation of Asset formation process (copies of bank book for the past year or certificates of real-estate sales, etc.)


Notes for filling out Admission application:

1. Resume

  • 「出生地」(Place of birth): please fill in name of the city where you were born.
  • 「本国住所」(Address in home country)and other address fields: please fill in the address in detail up to street number. Those addresses must be matched together.
  • 「所在地」 (School address) in the part 「学歴」(Educational background): please fill in the address in detail up to street number.
  • 「就学年数」(Japanese study period): please fill in the total number of hours for learning Japanese. Please make sure that it is matched with the Certificate of Learning Japanese.
  • For your Japanese language learning history, please fill in all the schools you have studied so far and please submit the study certificate of all those schools
  • Please list all of your work history and history of living in Japan. If you do not have enough space, please use a separate sheet.
  • About Purpose of Study in Japan, please describe in detail all of the following issues:
    • The purpose of studying in Japan: What are you studying in order to come to Japan? Why do you want to come to Japan? The relation with what you learnt so far.
    • The necessity of studying in Japan: Which field do you want to study in Japan? What are the benefits of studying in Japan?
    • Financial sponsor: The sponsor(s) pledge to pay expenses so that you can confidently study in Japan.
    • Plan after coming to Japan: your plan after graduating from our school and after graduating from a vocational school/university in Japan.
    • Parental consent
    • Compliance with laws: comply with Japanese laws and school regulations after coming to Japan.
  • Intended length of study:         April course: April ~ March of the following year                                                                                                   October course: October ~ March of the following year
  • Please be sure to fill out name of the university /vocational school「希望先学校名」and name the department 「希望学科」you wish to enroll in.

2. Sponsorship Letter  (This form 「経費支弁書」must be written and sealed by the financial sponsor.)

  • Explanation of your Sponsorship: Explain the relationship between you and the applicant, the reason why you become the sponsor. Please clarify that you will bear all the expenses for his/her studying in Japan and explain your ability to pay. (If you are not the applicant’s parents, please explain why his/her parents cannot sponsor him/her. Special explanation is needed if you are the applicant’s ant/uncle or other relatives. Please submit photos in which the applicant and you have taken together.)
  • Living expenses: please fill in around 80,000 per month (the cost may change if you share a room with someone).
  • The method of Payment: please state that when Certificate of Eligibility is issued, you will transfer tuition and admission fee into the bank account of Tokyo International Exchange College Ikebukuro. Also, please indicate the amount of money (how much for how many months) and method to pay for living costs of the applicant.

3. Other notes

  • All documents must be dated within 3 months of the submission to the Bureau of Immigration Japan
  • All documents written in other languages rather than Japanese must be attached with typed Japanese translations (handwritten translations are not accepted). We will provide translation services with the charge of 15,000 JPY if required (only from English to Japanese)
  • Except for the original diploma, no document will be returned to the applicant.
  • When the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) is issued, we will notify the procedure for tuition payment. Regardless of the reason, if you cancel your admission after paying making the payment, we will refund the amount after deducting the selection fee (30,000 JPY), admission fee (54,000 JPY), refund charge (3,000 JPY), bank transfer fee (7,500 JPY) and translation fee (15,000 JPY, if required).
  • Bankbook and other documents must be submitted in clear copies from the original. Copy date, information of the person who made copy (name and the relationship with the applicant) should be written at a blank space on the copies.
  • All documents must be consistent with other related materials. If they do not match, please attach an additional explanation.
  • All certificates must include the date of issue, issuing authority name, issuer’s duty, name (signature) and the address of issuing authority, telephone number and fax number (if missing, please attach an additional explanation).