Attractive, exciting city, Ikebukuro

One of the biggest cities in Tokyo, Ikebukuro

We are a Japanese language school located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Ikebukuro is one of the biggest cities in Tokyo. Easy to access, and there are many schools and shopping malls around this area.

East exit of Ikebukuro station
East exit of Ikebukuro station
Sunshine City
Sunshine City

Good environment to study Japanese Language and Culture

There are many schools and universities in Ikebukuro area, such as Rikkyo University, and other well known private universities.

Ikebukuro is lively and active thanks to many enthusiastic students gathering around the area.

Good environment to study

Cosplay culture

Ikebukuro is also in the spotlight of Cosplay culture. A lot of cosplay events are held in this area, and Ikebukuro has been developing more and more attractive city.

Cosplay cultureCosplay culture