About Scholarships

Tokyo International Exchange College has been symphonized its educational policy by a lot of people and formulated the scholarships. Recently, we have collected the cooperation from the renowned pharmaceutical company KOA SHOJI and a Member of the Lower House, Sir. Hosoda Hiroyuki.

●KOA SHOJI Special Scholarship (Supported; KOA SHOJI CO. Ltd.,)

KOA SHOJI Special Scholarship (Supported; KOA SHOJI CO. Ltd.,)

●Hosoda Memorial Scholarship (Provided by Sir. Hiroyuki Hosoda)

Hosoda Memorial Scholarship (Provided by Mr. Hiroyuki Hosoda)

In related to this, we have provided outstanding and contributive students with some special scholarships. For others, we take advantage of the governmental scholarship (JASSO).

For more information of this, please refer to this website.

●Perfect attendance Scholarships

●Diligence Scholarships