Audit Student Course for Visa holders

Tokyo International Exchange College Ikebukuro opens Audit student course for people who has visa to stay in Japan.

▸What is Audit Student Course?

This is a course for those who have visa to stay in Japan.

・If you are willing to take further education at University, Graduate school, and College in Japan, we recommend you Audit Student Course

・If you are willing to learn conversational level of Japanese during your stay (NOT willing further education), we recommend you Non-Degree Audit Student Course

▸What is Audit Student Course? (Willing further education)

You can study the same curriculum as student visa students.

This course is the class lessons with student visa students.

General requirements:Person who has visa to stay in Japan (Dependent visa, Permanent residents), and willing to further education.

Qualification requirements: High School Diploma or above. Physical health, mental aptitude, and emotional stabilities.

«Tuition of Audit Student Course»

1. Registration Fee:30,000円 → Free of charge

2. Tuition

Registration 1 year Tuition 1 year Educational Materials 1 year Facility Fee Total(yen)
¥54,000 ¥580,000 ¥22,000 ¥33,000 ¥580,000

Total:¥580,000 (Payment for 1 year can be divided into two installments.)

*Those who has a visa to stay in Japan will be exempt from college tuition fees, Teaching material cost, Facility fee.

▸What is Audit Student Course? (Non-Degree Course)

“I want to study Japanese language during my stay in Japan”

“I’d like to review my Japanese skill before my career starts in Japan”

“I want to study Japanese as well while I travel Japan” etc.

If you are thinking like this, we recommend you to take Audit Student course.

You can take class lessons with International students from all over the world.

Our college focus on improving Japanese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and also learning to understand Japanese culture and society.

General requirement: Have a visa to stay in Japan, such as family visa and sightseeing visa. (Audit students can start the course at any time.)

«Tuition of Audit Student Course (Non-Degree course)»

1. Registration Fee:¥10,000

2. Tuition

For 6 months ¥210,000 → 190,000 (Free of charge for the first educational materials)
For 3 months ¥105,000 → ¥100,000 (+ educational materials)
For 1 month ¥35,000 (+ educational materials)  ★¥1,667 @ 1 day (180 min.)!!

*The fee of educational materials will be necessary for 1 month and 3 months payment.

*We accept and welcome an enrollment or observation of favorable class at any time!
Please give us a call or come to school directly.

▸Application Flow


We are looking for you to join us! Please contact us at any time!